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Gymnasium Lighting

Lighting for collegiate gymnasiums can be amongst the toughest to convert to LED lighting, primarily due to GLARE factor created by the typical “overhead” LED lighting fixture. Glare relates to light that causes discomfort or reduces the ability to see because it comes from a source that is too bright compared with its background. Reducing the glare is probably the single most critical issue in sports lighting. Our LED replacement solutions were designed to specifically all but eliminate glare, so the collegiate athlete can execute and perform without hinderance from the overhead lighting source, this is especially pertinent to volleyball players that look up towards the ceiling and light fixtures with a very high frequency. NCAA Best Lighting Practices for both volleyball and basketball suggest a minimum of 80 horizontal footcandles for Intercollegiate Play and Regional Broadcast, which is easily achievable with our fixture solutions, as is the higher requirement of 100 footcandles for a National Broadcast. Each gymnasium has a different configuration, fixture type, number of fixtures, mounting heights and different existing wattages, but we can almost always replace the existing 400w Metal Halide fixture on a 1-for-1 basis, using only 160 watts per fixture, in lieu of 458w (400w Metal Halide w/ballast), affording 65% energy savings in the process and still provide uniform light levels in excess of the 80 horizontal footcandles NCAA guidelines.


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